SNOW Jam '82: January 12, 1982

Total storm SNOW accumulation for Atlanta: 5.8 inches
Total storm SLEET accumulation for Atlanta: NA
Total storm ICE accumulation for Atlanta: NA

SNOW Jam '82 Gulf Low
I was just a little boy when this happened, and I don’t remember much about it. However, I have heard the stories for as long as I can remember.

January 10, 1982 saw a record low of -2F. January 11, 1982 saw an even colder record low of -5F. That's BELOW ZERO folks! We don't see that kind of cold down here in Atlanta very often.

With plenty of cold air... Wait... Let's rephrase that... With BITTER, ARCTIC cold air in place, a frigid ground, and moisture moving in, the stage was set for something epic. Heavy SNOW started falling just before rush hour on Tuesday, January 12, 1982. Every single flake that fell "stuck". Many commuters who started home never made it with their vehicles. Some were forced to stay the night at their place of work.

I-85 and Peachtree Road (Amtrak Station) - Atlanta Snow Jam ’82
I-85 and Peachtree Road (Amtrak Station) - Atlanta Snow Jam ’82

I don’t think it gets anymore Winter than this!!!

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