The Blizzard of '93: March 12-13, 1993

Total storm SNOW accumulation for Atlanta: 4.2 inches
Total storm SLEET accumulation for Atlanta: T
Total storm ICE accumulation for Atlanta: NA

The "Blizzard of '93" is also known as the "March Superstorm" and the "Storm of the Century". Atlanta officially received only 4 inches of SNOW. It was more like 6-7 inches in midtown Atlanta and increased dramatically as you went north.

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Personal Account:

Atlanta was a different place on March 13, 1993. I remember standing on the North Ave. bridge looking out at a barren, white ribbon that was the "downtown connector". Hearing the wind howling through the Bank of America tower. I was part of a group of hungry Georgia Tech undergrads that were devastated to find the Varsity closed. As we walked back toward campus into the howling north-west winds and heavy SNOW that felt like pieces of sand ripping my face off, I thought I was going to die.

I went to bed the previous night, hearing and believing that it was going to SNOW. It was the weekend before finals and I had crashed on a friend's couch in a dorm at Tech. I woke up sometime before dawn to go to the bathroom. I recall seeing a couple of flashes of lightning in the window and thinking to myself "guess it isn't SNOWING yet"...

As I walked to the bathroom down the hall, I passed the glass, front doors of the dorm. I just about fainted. There was SNOW on the ground that was suddenly illuminated by another flash of lightning! The bathroom would wait. I ran down the hall and grabbed my coat, woke a few folks up and dashed outside.

I was immediately treated to another flash of lightning and then the craziest sound I have ever heard. The muffled rumble of thunder across a completely white landscape. I think I literally cried. This was unlike any weather I had ever experienced before.

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