Update: 03.10.2015

Please excuse our mess…
We are currently working to update this site and wxRadar (v2.0).
More info coming soon! Stay tuned!


wxRadar v1.1.1 is available now! This is a MAJOR update and includes the following:

* Upgraded to universal app for full iPad support:

* National and regional maps:

* “Favorites”:

* Expanded search capabilities:

* NEW - "out of the way" mode - tap the time stamp to toggle on/off graphics on top of radar data for unobstructed view of radar data:


THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Indie+Relief a success!!! I submitted all your donations to Doctors Without Borders as promised. I also passed the totals on to Justin so it should be included in the numbers on the site. Please visit the Indie+Relief site for more information and the list of all participating developers.


* How do I quickly access an adjacent radar?

Make sure you are holding your iPhone/iPod Touch upright ("portrait"), then simply "tap and hold" (place single finger down without lifting up - just like you would in Safari to save a picture or open a link in a new page). You should then see a screen that looks like this: